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Loft Access Solutions
Wondering how to install loft ladders or how to install loft stairs? New Horizons will coordinate your loft ladder installation service to remove your old loft ladder. If you need access to your loft, but you do not have the space for a permanently fixed stair New Horizons has the solution. Contact New Horizons get started with installing loft ladders or loft stairs in your home.
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Loft Conversions
Thinking of a loft conversion in your home to add more space and value? Take our expert advice for a well-planned loft conversion project. A loft conversion can add a significant amount value to a property. Contact New Horizons today for a free no obligation quote and let our experts help you make better use of your loft with a professional loft conversion service.
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As a trade company, we dare to be different. We put you, our customer first each and every time. Your satisfaction is the only arbiter to which we operate. Let us show you just how much we mean that.
We know that our future depends upon our past. Each and every job we do stands as testament to the quality of our workmanship and for that reason we will not stop until we have reached the highest standard which we know you demand of us.
100% satisfaction. Its as simple as that. No ifs no buts just good old fashioned happy customers.

We could all use an extra room, so why not look to your loft and transform the space in your roof?

There is the pitched roof to deal with, the awkward ceiling shapes and the issues of light and heat, but that still doesn’t stop us from loving our loft spaces. Whether you convert yours into an extra bedroom or create the coolest of laid-back hideaways, lofts are tucked out of the way and present the ideal opportunity to create something dreamy and delightful, or dramatic and downright daring. Get up there and have a look for yourself.

Through our years of working in the loft industry we’ve come to realise that home owners too often forget about the potential of their own loft.
People always think about extending their houses when they need more space, but for some reason lofts are often forgotten in their plans.
At New Horizons we are absolutely passionate about lofts, so we thought we’d give you some ideas on things you can do with that extra space in your house.

1. Convert your loft into storage space

Ok, this one is a bit obvious coming from us, but one of the easiest (and cheapest!) things you can do with your loft is to turn it into storage space. All it takes is loft boarding and flooring, some lights and a loft ladder. And best of all, you can choose how much of the space you actually want to use for storage, meaning that you don’t have to convert your whole loft.

2. Convert your loft into an extra bedroom

If you’re running out of living space, it is often possible to convert loft space into a new room. Costs involved are going to be higher than for a simple storage transformation, but it can ultimately increase the value of your home. For a living space, insulation will have to be properly thought out, and in most cases planning permissions are not required.

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