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Boiler Solutions
Nobody ever cares about boilers, until they do, then they usually really really care. We have a curious relationship with our home boilers, not really paying much notice just expecting them to work but when they dont, on my what a drama. At New Horizons we care about boilers every day. We install and fit the very best so that you can continue to forget about them.
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Thermostats & Control
What good is heating without control. Real fine grained convenient control via apps on your mobile devices or locally inside your home presents you with the power to manage your bills effectively as well as ensuring you get the comfort from your investment that you desire. Our experts can help you take control of your heating systems with ease.
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Home Heating Systems Installation
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Heating Solutions

As a trade company, we dare to be different. We put you, our customer first each and every time. Your satisfaction is the only arbiter to which we operate. Let us show you just how much we mean that.
We know that our future depends upon our past. Each and every job we do stands as testament to the quality of our workmanship and for that reason we will not stop until we have reached the highest standard which we know you demand of us.
100% satisfaction. Its as simple as that. No ifs no buts just good old fashioned happy customers.

High Quality Heating Services at a Price You Can Afford

New Horizons takes a comprehensive approach to your comfort by offering a range of services catered to the needs of our customers. Scotlands unforgiving winters demand the kind of expertise only New Horizons can deliver to keep your family comfortable. With 24-hour emergency repair, and personalized customer service, we deliver on the promise of comfort when you need it most. Keep your heating system running smoothly even in the most extreme conditions. You'll weather the winter with confidence when you trust our expert team with all your heating needs.

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